Turn Key Solution

10 MW MicroFab

The Microfab is specially designed to the needs of small solar assembly factories with minimized complexity and low investment and optimized operational costs. The microfab is the smallest available unit of semi automated PV module production. The factory can be scaled up by adding similar units in parallel. The equipments are simple to operate, but sensitive processes are automated. Proven technology, low investment cost and high production flexibility enables small companies to participate in solar markets.

  • Standard module size: 1690 x 990 mm, 60 cells /240 Wp
  • Production capacity per year: 7 MWp
  • Key technologies: semi automated tabber & stringer., manual Layup,
  • Laminator, manual framing and JB gluing, flasher

Advantages: upgradeable concept, various semi automated tabber-stringer can work on one lamination line, low maintenance, low investment, easy to operate, good for flexible production with low initial investment

25 MW HYBRID turnkey

With this line a new concept of flexible module production is borne. This hybrid production concept enables solar module manufacturer to produce both grid-connected and off-grid solar modules in one automated line in a high quality. All cells are tabbed and stringed automatically. This line is specially designed for the requirements of Indias solar manufacturing market. The 25 MW line is balanced between quality output, minimum economical scale and high flexibility to archive a high utilization of the equipments and best ROI.

  • Standard module size: 1690 x 990 mm, 60 cells /240 Wp
  • Offgrid module size: e.g. 100 x 500 mm, 38 cells /72 Wp
  • Production capacity per year: 25 MWp
  • Key technologies: Zimmer Tabber&Stringer 800 cells / h. + second semi automated tabber&stringer, .automated Layup, .Laminator, semi automated framing and JB gluing, optional with .EL inspection integrated in sun simulator

40 MW HYBRID turnkey

  • Standard module size: 1690 x 990 mm, 60 cells /240 Wp
  • Production capacity per year: 40 MWp
  • Key technologies: Zimmer Tabber&Stringer 1600 cells / h., automatic Layup, Spaleck laminator, sun simulator, .EL inspection

This line comes with a balanced upgrade strategy to enable the customer to grow sustainably into the market. High quality output is ensured through high quality key equipments and state of the art technology. Build to manufacture standard solar modules in semi or fully automated line with various options and upgrades.

Advantages: upgadeable concept with sophisticated technology