Sun Simulator

h.a.l.m. measuring systems represent high-end photovoltaic performance testing. Beside their technical quality, h.a.l.m. is an excellent partner for cell or module manufacturers because of a well-established service and support with fast response time, readiness of customizing solutions and years of experience in the market. h.a.l.m. offers a scope of trainings and lectures and is always willing to share knowledge and know-how with its partners.

Find out about the specific solutions for either cell or module production by browsing below.

All over the world, h.a.l.m. delivers well-established in-line module performance measuring systems. These class A+A+A+ tunnel and tower module tester can be designed for module sizes of up to 3 m x 2 m and integrated in full- or semi-automatic environments.

  • Spectral mismatch < 12.5%
  • Spatial non-uniformity < 1%
  • Temporal stability < 0.5%

Unique flash performance

The cascadable modular system can reach 80 ms flash pulse duration with 20 s repetition rates, as well as h.a.l.m. standard features like multi-irradiance flashing or single-flash hysteresis.

High-precision measuring

The h.a.l.m. IV curve tracer cetisPV-CTL1 is a 3-channel 16-bit AD converter with an electronic load for synchronous measurement of current, voltage, and irradiance. Above that, it tracks different temperatures via RTD or contact-free IR sensors for temperature correction according to IEC 60891 Ed. 2.0.

Active load for 3Q dark curves

The cetisPV-EL3-M is an add-on for the module IV curve tracer cetisPV-CTL1, which enables to drive the curve into negative current. This allows the recording of dark curves for more precise evaluating of series resistances. This add-on is a definitive must-have for thin-film, CIS, and CIGS technologies.

System integration with many production line manufacturers

h.a.l.m.'s state-of-the-art class A+A+A+ devices are integrated in module sorters of all common production-line manufacturers (Reis, Centrotherm, Kuka, Manz, Beijing Automation, etc.).

High compatibility with all common interfaces

The in-line module performance measuring system communicates with the automation via a process interface and has many common MES connections, such as XML export, SQL, or semiPV2-SECSGem. The data interface is configurable for the customer at all times.

Easy to maintain and calibrate

The h.a.l.m. cetis series runs with very few easy-to-change wear parts. The flash bulb insures more than 100,000 flashes and can be changed within minutes with a hex key. Thanks to the modular principle, only small measuring cassettes need to be exchanged for calibration.

Integrated safety testing

The module performance testing can be extended with a safety-testing device, which is able to perform all relevant safety tests, like 4-frame contact resistance, leakage resistance, and high-voltage (HiPot) test. The control is integrated into PVControl and thereby runs smoothly with all hardware and software interfaces.

Manual Cell Tester

The cetisPV-Celltest3 is a complete class AAA rated high-precision manual tester system for the IV measurement of solar cells. It is designed for high R&D, laboratory, and start up production use.

Sun Simulator Flat Bed

cetisPV-IUCT-Q is a ready-to-operate high-precision pulsed xenon flasher solution for IV classification measurements of photovoltaic modules. The flasher is designed in flatbed layout. An economic footprint and module transport and examination on typical conveyor level height allow an easy integration into new or existing production lines and R&D facilities.

Module Tester Tower Type

cetisPV-IUCT-M is a complete class-A+A+A+ high-precision inline tester system for the IV-measurement of solar modules. It consists of the flasher cetisPV-XF2-M, the IV-measuring system cetisPV-CTL1 and an optional active 3-quadrant module load cetisPV-EL3-M.

Module Tester + optional Thermal-package

The cetisPV-Moduletest3 is a ready-to-go class A+A+A+ rated high-precision manual tester system for the IV measurement of solar modules. It is developed for high R&D, laboratory and quality control use. It consists of the cetisPV-XF2-M flasher, a measuring system cetisPV-CTL1 (optional cetisPV-EL3-M), an optimized dark chamber construction and an optional thermo chamber cetisPV-Therm-package-M.