AWS Solution to represent German PV inverter producer PLATINUM in India

posted 2 Nov 2013, 12:33 by Management Info

AW Solution GmbH (AWS) the Photovoltaic Key Technology Equipment provider in India is launching at the Intersolar India event from 12. to 14. September at the AWS Booth 1452 with its German manufacturing partner, Olbricht GmbH the semi-automated Tabber Stringer TS240C .

According to the company´s information, AWS represents and supports several German key technology providers in India with local service and engineering teams.

PV solutions include solar power storage, energy management

PLATINUM GmbH is a provider of solar photovoltaic solutions. The company’s product portfolio encompasses inverters, monitoring systems and solar power storage batteries as well as energy management solutions.

The PLATINUM inverters reach a peak efficiency of up to 98.6%. They are equipped with patented DIVE technology as well as with DUAL-X, SiC components and RAC-MPP for rapid location of the optimum working point. They are manufactured by Diehl Controls.

A six-stage quality test proofs the robustness and functionality of the system components. PLATINUM offers 10 year factory warranty, usually with the option of an extension to 20 years . The PLATINUM string inverters are available in power classes from 2 kW to 22 kW.