Market Launch of Semi Automated Tabber Stringer TS240C at Intersolar India

posted 10 Nov 2013, 15:03 by Management Info

AW Solution GmbH (AWS) the Photovoltaic Key Technology Equipment provider in India is launching at the Intersolar India event from 12. to 14. September at the AWS Booth 1452 with its German manufacturing partner, Olbricht GmbH the semi-automated Tabber Stringer TS240C .

“Based on our intensive interactions with our photovoltaic manufacturing partners in the last view years in India including the involvement of the local ribbon supplier into the development cycle of the Semi Automated Tabber Stringer System, we are happy to offer the best price performance Semi Automated Tabber Stringer in the market” says Markus Amendt, Managing Director of AW Solution GmbH.

Semi Automated Tabber Stringer TS240C

The Semi Automated Tabber Stringer TS240C combines the advantages of an automatic Tabber/ Stringer with the flexibility and investment cost advantage of a manual soldering process.

The System can solder up to 240 Cells/ Hour with just one single operator with a constant high quality of the solder joints and string pattern. With high uptime and minimal breakage rate the TS240C is designed to work reliable 24h/7.The semi automatic tabber and stringer unit is configured to operate where precision is required, and where expensive fully automation is not feasible.

2BB, 3BB 5”- & 6”- (Full, Half, Third) Cell Configuration

The different Bus Bar Kits (2 Bus Bar + 3 Bus Bar) and Cell Kits (1/2 Cell, 1/3 Cell) which are easy and fast to change give the system the required flexibility for the production of Standard and Non Standard PV Panels. All Key Processes like soldering Ribbon Unwinding-/ Streching, soldering, cell spacing is done automatically. All this features with the a fraction of the cost of a fully automated system.

We are welcoming the Intersolar India visitors at our AWS booth 1452 for a introduction of the Semi Automated Tabber Stringer TS240C.