pi4_panelvision 60s / 45s - low cost Alternative with brilliant EL image quality

posted 1 Dec 2013, 21:31 by Management Info

pi4_panelvision 60s / 45s is the low cost alternative to pi4 Economic and Automatic Electroluminescence module testers.

Pi4_panelvision can be easily integrated into existing and new production lines before and after laminate. The simple handling, the brilliant EL-image quality, and robust, low-maintenance machine concept make the system to have one of the leading position the market of the low-cost systems.

  • high resolution of 0.04 mm / pixel
  • EL-high image quality for simple diagnosis by the operator
  • Cycle times of 45s or 60s
  • simple line integration
  • automatic transportation system
  • small footprint

By visual inspection defects like cracks, grid finger breakage, dark spots or solder errors may be easily detected. The information about the defects detected may be stored to a data base together with the images.

Services offered:
  • Providing full service with respect to end -to -end planning and organizing pavilions at 8th REI 2014 Expo
  • Development and implementation of customized marketing and advertising tools for the participants inside the Pavilion.
  • On-site support by the German-Indian aws team
  • One- to - one business matching services with Indian Corporates.
  • Organizing a special event during the expo for participating companies to introduce their products and services to industry experts.
  • Providing assistance to small and medium-sized businesses with regard to acquiring financial support for their participation at the expo, if required (after assessment)

In addition, aws will organise an information event in Berlin in April 2014 as a precursor to the 8th Renewable Energy India 2014 Expo, highlighting the business opportunities that exist in the Indian market. Furthermore, experts will present the best of the case studies of conducting business in India.