Auxilary Equipment

Cell Handling

Manual LayUp

Depending on production throughput, a fully automated or mechanised LayUp is not always necessary. ATN's manual LayUp enables two operators to align strings to the EVA-lined glass of a solar panel.

Manual Handling

The handling beam allows solar cells or strings to be moved easily and securely, whether for removal from a complete matrix or to manually be placed onto the panel.

Ribbon Handling

Automatic Cutting Machine

Because of the easy handling and low price the flat cutter is economical to use already at samples and small series. Already at an operating hour per month to pay for the device by itself, because you will save a lot of working hours compared to manual cutting.

Automated bending for cross connectors

For contacting the junction box are generally the cross-connectors bent into L-angles. Therefor there are two alternatives. "Self-bending" or buy "ready-made connectors". When purchasing the material supplier cuts and bends the cross connector on a fully automatic machine. So he is able to achieve a good quality. However, the disadvantage is higher cost and what is more important the higher cost of logistics, this is reflected in longer delivery times, higher costs for packaging, shipping and storage, and losses due to bending of the already prebent bulky L-connector.

Fluxing unit for cell connectors

For fluxing the cell connectors are placed in a basket and dipped in a flux bath. After draining, the basket is placed on the dryer. Then dried with a constant 50°C on the heated air stream.

Streching unit for Cell Connectors

For a good cell contacting, the cell connectors / Ribbons have to be stretched. The mechanical elongation decreases the thermal elongation during soldering because of heating and cooling. So mechanical stresses between the cell and cell connectors are reduced also.